*Thank you so much for the bottle of Zinsel V. It has literally changed not only my body but my life.

After I had my baby boy in September last year. I had battled to lose my post pregnancy weight and in particular struggled with excess weight and flabby skin around my stomach. Despite extreme effort on my part to eat right, following a strict diet plan our clinic provides and exercising 3 times a week with a personal trainer, I could for the life of me not lose the weight nor improve the cellulite and post pregnancy belly.

I had by then received my Zinsel V and started using it right away (Middle June 2015) in a desperate ditch attempt to see if it would render any change. I am elated to say that within a week of using the Zinsel V, I lost 2kg and all of my colleagues wanted to know what the secret was – My answer quite simply: Zinsel V

Not only that but my cellulite is almost completely a thing of the past and I am currently boasting with a nearly flat stomach after barely a month’s use of Zinsel V. I have to admit that I was quite hesitant in using Zinsel V since I have hypertension and am currently using medication for this condition and was worried that the Zinsel V might interfere or cause complications like dizziness or light headedness or elevate my blood pressure etc. but to my delight I experienced no such feared complications or adverse reactions.

It is completely safe to use and I am over the moon with this product.

I would like to thank you for introducing this amazing product to me and changing my body and life, I love it!

Mildred Masabane