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Zinsel was officially launched into South Africa in July 2006. Our unique product formulations are sourced from around the world, using only the finest and best quality ingredients.

Zinsel Range of nutraceuticals is manufactured under strict pharmaceutical conditions. Our products have followed scientific evidence over a number of research years and clinical trials have been done over decades of using the similar form of ingredients. All our products are 100% natural with no reported side effects and specifically formulated as an alternative to prescription medication. The capsules that are used in our nutraceutical range is HALAAL as well as KOSHER approved. The manufacturing premises are GMP, HACCP as well as ISO 9001 approved.

Our Philosophy is “Heal from within, naturally”.


Zinsel E - Skin Heal

Zinsel E - Skin Heal product formulation is imported from the UK.

Zinsel H - Hair Re-Grow

Zinsel H - Hair Re-Grow formulation is imported from the USA as well as the Zinsel Immune support shake

Zinsel C - Cellu-Scape

Zinsel C - Cellu-Scape product formulation is brought in from Germany.

Zinsel V - Fat Reduction

Zinsel V - Stubborn Fat Reduction product is an internal treatment which targets stubborn fat (Visceral fat)

Zinsel SS - Stop Smoking

Zinsel SS - Stop Smoking. The secret to removing the anxiety and uneasy feelings associated with quitting.

Zinsel AA - Anti Ageing

Zinsel AA - Anti-Aging. Collagen combined with a high concentration of VitC to combat the signs of aging.

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Just Some F.A.Q’s

Q. How does the DHT inhibitors in your product compare to natural products with saw palmetto found in most health stores?

A. We use an extract which is very potent and concentrated. It’s called Serenoah Repens extract as the Dht inhibitor.

Q. How does the re-growth serum work and how is this different to minoxcidil?

A. The Serum works topically by strengthening the hair follicles as well. As increasing circulation to the scalp. It also has an active ingredient called Procapil which helps prevent further hair loss as well as blocks the spread of DHT on the surface of the scalp which is evident if you notice very fine hairs.

Q. I have heard that most hair regrowth products require a specific shampoo like nizoral to work with the topical applications. Is this the case with your product as well?

A. Imzo health focuses on using very active treatments and ingredients and personally we do not believe in a specific shampoo if you are using the Zinsel h ” Serum as well as the Zinsel h ” Nutraceutical product.

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Please note: Zinsel does not guarantee any results if a healthy lifestyle is not followed. Results may vary from individual to individual.