I desperately wanted to give up smoking and have tried many many products over the years with no success . Wow!! All I can say is thank goodness for Zinsel SS. I gave up in 6 days in November 2019. The product made me feel amazing and I had no side effects. Cant thank you enough Zinsel !!

Bruce Boschoff

I have been using Zinsel E skin heal for about 8 months and omg it really works. I was struggling with Psoriasis on my hands which left me having to wear gloves for most of the day as the skin was so inflamed and scaly. The improvement in my skin is remarkable and I love the fact that I am no longer ashamed of my hands. A big thank you for your product!

Frances Kindred

I really really can’t live without my Zinsel product! My hair is falling out on a regular basis and if it wasn’t for Zinsel I would have no hair left! They just grow back to my normal hair thickness everytime! I will NEVER stop using it!!!! Please keep on supplying them!

Rita de Swardt

10 months ago, a friend of mine had just completed Chemo therapy and was using this product. I was blown away by her results and started using the product soon after.

My hair was very brittle and I was experiencing hair loss due to extreme stress and hormonal changes.

Coupled with the stress, I unfortunately had to have my kidney removed. My dietitian highly recommended I stay on Zinsel as it contains excellent ingredients

I felt very comforted that I was not putting anything harmful into my body.

A huge shout out to Zinsel and their amazing products.

Cheryl Perlsten

I have been using the Zinsel Skin Heal tablets for the past 6 months, on recommendation from a friend and it is really amazing. It has improved the elasticity of my skin and also assists in decreasing the side effects of my Jaundice flare ups. Must be the Zinc that helps with that 🙂

Thank you for this!

Marica Martin

Dear Zinsel

I am in my forties and prone to pigmentation when my skin breaks out, so it is imperative that I prevent my skin from breaking out.  This is exactly what Zinsel E Skin Heal does for me!  Absolutely love this product.

Desiree Roos

*Thank you so much for the bottle of Zinsel V. It has literally changed not only my body but my life.

After I had my baby boy in September last year. I had battled to lose my post pregnancy weight and in particular struggled with excess weight and flabby skin around my stomach. Despite extreme effort on my part to eat right, following a strict diet plan our clinic provides and exercising 3 times a week with a personal trainer, I could for the life of me not lose the weight nor improve the cellulite and post pregnancy belly.

I had by then received my Zinsel V and started using it right away (Middle June 2015) in a desperate ditch attempt to see if it would render any change. I am elated to say that within a week of using the Zinsel V, I lost 2kg and all of my colleagues wanted to know what the secret was – My answer quite simply: Zinsel V

Not only that but my cellulite is almost completely a thing of the past and I am currently boasting with a nearly flat stomach after barely a month’s use of Zinsel V. I have to admit that I was quite hesitant in using Zinsel V since I have hypertension and am currently using medication for this condition and was worried that the Zinsel V might interfere or cause complications like dizziness or light headedness or elevate my blood pressure etc. but to my delight I experienced no such feared complications or adverse reactions.

It is completely safe to use and I am over the moon with this product.

I would like to thank you for introducing this amazing product to me and changing my body and life, I love it!

Mildred Masabane

*I am using the Zinsel h for about 10 months now. And WOW!! it really works I was struggling with hair loss for about two years and this was the only product that really worked wonders for me.  My hair is back to what it was and even better. I want to try out the Zinsel Skin next. Thank you your products changed my life!

Wilma Terblanche

*Have suffered several bouts of telogen effluvium in recent years with severe thinning of my hair – literally having small handfuls fall out on each washing and brushing. Have tried almost everything on the market with only limited success using minoxidil. Tried the hair regrow on an impulse and was, despite my usual scepticism when it comes to supplements, blown away to find that it actually works! Within a month I noticed significant re-growth all over my scalp and 4 months later my hair is longer and thicker than it has been in years. I lose very little hair now and a side benefit has been that my nail strength has also improved dramatically. I now take 1 a day as a preventative / maintenance dose. I don’t know why it works but it does and the confidence I have as a result of reversing severe loss of hair is something I  very grateful to Zinsel for.  Thank you!

Caroline Dunne

*Please could I buy another 3 month’s worth?  I have had cancer and rely heavily on Zinsel to grow my hair . I’d greatly appreciate your consideration of this request.  I can EFT you the money if you let me know how much to send, and perhaps you would kindly send them to me again?

Cilla Taylor