I really really can’t live without my Zinsel product! My hair is falling out on a regular basis and if it wasn’t for Zinsel I would have no hair left! They just grow back to my normal hair thickness everytime! I will NEVER stop using it!!!! Please keep on supplying them!

Rita de Swardt

10 months ago, a friend of mine had just completed Chemo therapy and was using this product. I was blown away by her results and started using the product soon after.

My hair was very brittle and I was experiencing hair loss due to extreme stress and hormonal changes.

Coupled with the stress, I unfortunately had to have my kidney removed. My dietitian highly recommended I stay on Zinsel as it contains excellent ingredients

I felt very comforted that I was not putting anything harmful into my body.

A huge shout out to Zinsel and their amazing products.

Cheryl Perlsten

*I am using the Zinsel h for about 10 months now. And WOW!! it really works I was struggling with hair loss for about two years and this was the only product that really worked wonders for me.  My hair is back to what it was and even better. I want to try out the Zinsel Skin next. Thank you your products changed my life!

Wilma Terblanche

*Have suffered several bouts of telogen effluvium in recent years with severe thinning of my hair – literally having small handfuls fall out on each washing and brushing. Have tried almost everything on the market with only limited success using minoxidil. Tried the hair regrow on an impulse and was, despite my usual scepticism when it comes to supplements, blown away to find that it actually works! Within a month I noticed significant re-growth all over my scalp and 4 months later my hair is longer and thicker than it has been in years. I lose very little hair now and a side benefit has been that my nail strength has also improved dramatically. I now take 1 a day as a preventative / maintenance dose. I don’t know why it works but it does and the confidence I have as a result of reversing severe loss of hair is something I  very grateful to Zinsel for.  Thank you!

Caroline Dunne

*Please could I buy another 3 month’s worth?  I have had cancer and rely heavily on Zinsel to grow my hair . I’d greatly appreciate your consideration of this request.  I can EFT you the money if you let me know how much to send, and perhaps you would kindly send them to me again?

Cilla Taylor

*Thanks for the info, it was helpful – will take 2 per day. I did notice a difference with 1 white capsule a day, as I have very fine hair and it definitely improved because it was easy to see the difference in my hair. It’s the first product that has made a difference for me so I am happy with it, even though I find it expensive as I am retired! I bought the capsules from Jingles in Benmore Shopping Centre.


*Net om dankie te se vir die wonderlike produk, Imzo Zinsel H Hair Re-grow. Ek het dit gebruik na my gemo kanker behandeling toe my hare uitgeval het, en het baie goeie resultate gehad. My hare het dadelik weer begin uitkom en baie vinnig gegroei en dik geword. Ek kan dit aanbeveel vir enige persoon wan ‘n probleem met hulle hare ondervind. Ek het dit vir my vriendin aanbeveel en dit het werklik ook vir haar gehelp. Nogmaals dankie

Sarie Blignaut

*When my hair started to grow back, after having lost it due to chemotherapy, a friend gave me a supply of this product. I did not think anything of it and took the product twice a day. Just another capsule to swallow. Once my hair reached an inch long, that’s when I really thought that it was thicker and more lush than before. In the eight months that it has grown, I constantly receive comments from friends on how quick it has grown. I think so too. So, at this time, I will continue taking this product. Thanks

Brigitte Siebitz

*My name is Donovan Barnard and I am a 25 year old male. My hair loss started a few years ago, who knows for what reason. I have been very disappointed as not even doctors could help me or tell me why I was losing my hair. I have no medical problems at all and all they can say is that they don’t know the cause and that it could be stress. I was losing my hair in the front, typical male pattern baldness. After using Zinsel h for only 2 months I noticed my hair growing back in a swirl-like pattern (like a new born baby), in the lower crown area. I also have new growth on the top of my head, and just above each rear side onto the top. The process takes a while, as healthy follicles produce hair at a slow pace but within 3 months, it was as thick as the rest of my hair. After 6 months, I now have as much hair on my head as I did in high school. THANK YOU Zinsel h

Donovan Barnard

*Emmanuel Castis, well-known local actor and singer from various soaps, including Isidingo, is proudly sponsored by Zinsel h Hair Re-Grow!

Emmanuel CastisActor and Singer