I have been using Zinsel E skin heal for about 8 months and omg it really works. I was struggling with Psoriasis on my hands which left me having to wear gloves for most of the day as the skin was so inflamed and scaly. The improvement in my skin is remarkable and I love the fact that I am no longer ashamed of my hands. A big thank you for your product!

Frances Kindred

I have been using the Zinsel Skin Heal tablets for the past 6 months, on recommendation from a friend and it is really amazing. It has improved the elasticity of my skin and also assists in decreasing the side effects of my Jaundice flare ups. Must be the Zinc that helps with thatÂ đŸ™‚

Thank you for this!

Marica Martin

Dear Zinsel

I am in my forties and prone to pigmentation when my skin breaks out, so it is imperative that I prevent my skin from breaking out.  This is exactly what Zinsel E Skin Heal does for me!  Absolutely love this product.

Desiree Roos

*I started using Imzo Skin when my boyfriend complained about the bad acne on my face. Out of desperation, I tried it, thinking, “It’s the same ineffective stuff again.” However, within two weeks, the pimples on my face had cleared and there were no new break outs! After a month, my skin was evidently clear and after a few months the bad scarring had cleared. I could never walk out of my house without make up and every time I got an unannounced visitor, I used to rush to wear makeup! Now I wear make up only for special occasions. I then decided to try Imzo Hair because my hair was very thin and short and generally unhealthy. My hair has volume now and it has grown in length. It is particularly great for African hair to protect the hair line after removing braids, bonding, etc. I would recommend Imzo products to anyone struggling with skin and hair – it’s so worth it. I suggest every bride consistently use Imzo treatments for at least 6 months prior to your wedding. You will reap the rewards in your wedding pictures.

Mulongo Lingomba

*Hello Imzo Health, I have to say that this is a very impressive product in that it certainly has been significant as to what its done for me and for my skin! Be it that I have been blessed with good genes, my skin has always been a good one but I must say that having taken this product, my skin has been enhanced, in texture, clarity, and in glow! So far, both your products, i.e. the skin preparation and the one for cellulite, I am totally impressed with as it truly is one of the VERY FEW PRODUCTS that work!! Everything that one takes is about consistency – it’s my choice to continue with this product as an integral part of my daily routine!

Sasha Paul

*Hi Imzo Health, Thank you so much for the advice below, I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that the product is all-natural. I have an INCREDIBLY sensitive skin and have just come off a vitamin A product that wreaked havoc on my skin. I assume the Zinsel E is just assisting my skin in getting rid of the damaged skin, as this dryness has already subsided, within a day of sending you the email! I must say, my skin feels absolutely wonderful! It’s moisturized, hydrated and actually feels a lot plumper and my complexion is creamier. Having only been on the product for a week, and basically using EVERYTHING under the sun for my skin problems for the last 23 years, these results have amazed me! I will most certainly be recommending this wonder-product to anyone who can benefit from it. Have a wonderful day further, and hopefully in the next few weeks I can give you some more amazing news. I have no doubt about that. Thank you so much!


*Dear Imzo Health, There is no better product than Imzo Skin Heal. I never had a problem skin, but ever since I got pregnant, I had a terrible skin. I used expensive products for problem skin, creams, capsules, cleaning products, but nothing worked. When I started with Imzo, after 1 month I could see a drastic difference in my skin. I kept on using it for more than a year and my skin has so Improved, and I did not have a problem skin after that.


*Hi Imzo Health, How are you doing? Hope all’s well. Just wanted to say that I am very impressed with this product so far… I have been using it myself (I always like to try products out first before I recommend them to clients) and can definitely notice the difference, especially with the texture of my skin. So I will definitely do my best to start selling your product. I saw my beautician yesterday and told her about it.


*I can really recommend ZINSEL e” Skin heal capsule. I have no problem skin when I use the product. My skin is softer and has a more radiant glow. When I started using the product, with in a week I could see a huge difference.

René de Koker

*Hi Imzo Health, Just something for you: My skin developed something that looked like sunburn spots and it was peeling off almost like frostbite. I don’t know, but 3 days on the product and its gone. I mean 100% better – that is amazing. Thanks for the product – it works. Cheers